Do People Really Win Blogging Giveaways?

I haven’t hosted a giveaway here on The Homeschooling Blog in many many weeks, but I regularly enter other blogger’s giveaways, especially in the summer months when I have a little extra time on my hands. I’ve won many prizes over the years, mostly valued at around $50 or less. The biggest prize I’ve won (up until today)¬†was a recliner that now proudly sits in my living room. That was a couple years ago on Mother’s Day.

From time to time friends will ask about all the giveaway shares they see on my Facebook page and ask if anyone really wins. It’s natural to be a skeptic, especially if you’ve never won anything. Rest assured that every giveaway I host on this blog has a winner! I have no reason to think other bloggers are nothing less than 100% legitimate, so I always give the same answer… your odds are higher winning a blogging giveaway than any other you’ll find on the Internet. Usually the entries are far less in number than others you’ll find on the web, giving you greater odds at snatching the prize. I usually don’t win, but when I do, even if it’s just a book or another apron, it’s a rather exciting day.

Today I had the best news via an email from Gator Mommy Reviews… I woke to find that I was the winner of a camera that I’ve desperately wanted for months. I don’t have the budget to buy an SLR, so I’ve been entering every giveaway I can find online offering the Canon Rebel T3i, hoping that maybe I’d get lucky… and believe it or not I did! This is the only thing I’ve ever won that was on my WANT LIST! Do you have one of your own? I have all sorts of things on mine that I cannot afford… so I routinely go online looking to see if anyone in cyberspace is giving any of those must haves away! This time it really paid off! So, yes, people win, and I’m one of those people who has won!

When I receive the camera, I will share photos of said camera and photos taken with said camera!

What’s the secret? Enter them all! You may only win 1%… maybe less. I’ve had good years and bad. In the spring of 2011 I won a lot of cool stuff, then didn’t really win anything in 2012. You just never know! It’s only your time you are giving up, so it beats playing the lottery at $1 or $2 a ticket.

Wishing everyone the best in giveaway wins! I hope to launch a few of my own giveaways here on this blog in the coming months… so don’t forget to follow!

2 thoughts on “Do People Really Win Blogging Giveaways?”

  1. Congratulations on winning the camera – that’s a great prize!
    I love blog giveaways, the odds are big, and I do believe all (or almost all) are committed to deliver the prizes. I’ve won a few, the best one was a Kindle. It’s so nice to find a gift on my email :-)
    In the beginning I was bored some bloggers never announce the winners, but some of my winnings were never announced in a public way. So I don’t care anymore.
    But it happened twice that people sent me a congratulation email but never delivered the prize. I just forgot about it.
    I really have fun entering giveaways.

  2. Thanks for your comment Renata! I too had an experience where a prize was never delivered. It was a prize package from a tunafish company. I didn’t cry too hard! lol I think it’s a failure on the part of the sponsor rather than the host (the blogger) when that happens. Over the last few years I’ve won a couple dozen giveaways and only had one instance where I never received the prize. I didn’t do a follow-up… probably should have, but just let it go.
    Very cool on winning a Kindle! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to win one for myself! lol

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