#BIC Back-to-School Review and #Giveaway!!!

Let’s have some fun! A few weeks ago, the fine people at BIC invited us to review a handful of their new products and host a back-to-school giveaway! I’m thrilled to share our experiences and opinions of everything you see here, and happy to be hosting an easy to enter giveaway that I hope you’ll be eager to enter!

Some of the writing instruments you see here probably look very familiar. There’s really nothing new here, with the exception of the BIC Kids pens, pencils and stylus (more on that in a bit!), even so… the quality fits the price and we love the rich colors, smooth writing experience, and reliability of everything in this prize package.


What is included in this package?

  • Wite-Out ZAP!

Not a new idea, or a new way to dispense,  but when something works, why change it?  My kids and I are ALL students and there are days I can’t even write my own name without a goof.

  • 4-Color Classic Pen, 4-Color Metallic Pen, and 4-Color Mini Pen

You may remember these 4-color pens from when you were a kid. I’m 42 and used them back in the day. They are just as much fun today as they were decades ago.  I somewhat expected the writing experience and quality to be less superior than that of a traditional pen, but so far this has not been the case.  I don’t feel I’m compromising quality with this pen combo and changing ink colors is just a click away!


    A definite winner…

  • Atlantis Comfort Pen and Atlantis Exact Pen

My favorite by far! What a great writing experience I’m having with the Atlantis! I’m so picky about what I write with and only use one kind of pencil for school… and until now, was using a pen that was just ok. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t nearly as sleek and smooth as the Atlantis. These pens actually feel good when put to paper and aren’t too big in your hand. I am not a fan of fat writing instruments… they cause writing fatigue, at least that’s been my experience. The Atlantis writes very fine and release just the right amount of ink to paper. So far, no nasty ink blobs (hate that!) and no writing fails either. Makes writing fun again! I’ve been using the Atlantis pens to fill out volunteer applications for hospitals in my area. Wanting to make a great impression starts with the right pen!


    Here’s something to try!

  • BIC Kid’s Pens, Pencils, and Stylus

Ok… I will confess to not really having anyone in my home who has hands small enough to benefit from this new product. I wish these had been around when my autistic son was a bit younger. He’s always struggled with his handwriting and still does, but given he now has what I’d call man hands, these aren’t a great fit. The Kid’s Pens, Pencils and Stylus are made to help improve your elementary student’s handwriting. I held them and did a bit of scribbling and what I liked is the yellow divider that keeps your hand in proper position. I’d love to hear from a consumer who has had experience with this product. As for my set? I’m gifting them to a great gal pal of mine who has 3 young kids, one of whom is really struggling with his penmanship. We’ll see how he does with them!


For your classroom…

  • Magic Marker Dry Erase Markers

No complaints about BIC’s new line of Dry Erase Markers. We don’t use them a lot, but do like to have them around. From time to time I keep a dry erase sheet on the side of the fridge, for list building, scheduling, and of course chores!

    If you’re into sparkle…

  • Xtra Shine Mechanical Pencils

These are the same BIC mechanical pencils you’ve probably purchased a time or two before, especially if you have school-aged children. They are affordable, and fairly reliable. My daughter likes the sparkly barrel, which may be a new feature. Not adding to function of course, but fun none-the less. We don’t buy this style of mechanical as much as we once did… I’ve started investing in the metal barrel mechanicals as I find them to last a bit longer, but these plastic mechanicals are great for kids. Especially kids who lose things.


So, who’s ready for a giveaway? If you live in the continental US, are 18+, and have a physical mailing address, you are eligible to enter to win EVERYTHING HERE (see photo of all 10 products above) !! We’ll wrap things up on the evening of September 6th, just before midnight (Central Standard Time).

Grab as many (or as few) entries as you’d like using the Rafflecopter form below. Come back daily to collect even more! Thanks for entering, have a wonderful day and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: No compensation was provided for this review. I received the materials featured in this post in exchange for providing an honest evaluation of my experiences. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. I used Bic products when I went to school. I bought Bic for my kids. Now I am buying Bic products for my grandson. The reason? Great product, great price.

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