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Canon P. This is a Canon P 35mm rangefinder which was sold between 1959 and 1961 The P stands for “Populaire” meaning it was marketed as a budget (or popular) choice compared to higher spec Canon cameras The P was very similar to the Canon VIL but lacking some of it’s features like adjustable viewfinder.

Canon P 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body Chrome At Keh Camera
Canon P 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body Chrome At Keh Camera from Canon P 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body …

Canon P sometimes called the &#39Populaire&#39 in black with Canon 35mm f20 lens The Canon P of 1958 Recall that as early as 1939 with the introduction of the Canon J that Canon had sought to produce a quality 35mm camera which also had wide appeal to photographers Canon had an important commercial success with the Canon IVSB in 1953.

Canon P Rangefinder Cameras 1959-1961

from 1958 to 1961 the P was among Canon&#39s last screw mount rangefinders a modification of the VIL Incorporating many features into an attractively priced package the P was Canon&#39s best selling screw mount About 100000 were produced all but the earliest Canon Rangefinders it uses the Leica Screw Mount falling into.

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The Canon P is the last in the Canon VI series of Leica screw mount lens compatible rangefinders It was manufactured between 1958 and 1961 The P stood for “Populaire” it was intended as their lowend model The irony is that it was much more solidly made than almost every camera manufactured today.

Canon P – my favorite Japanese rangefinder – Photoethnography

The P is a camera beyond the sum of its parts If a Leica is a Porsche 911 then the Canon P is the original VW Golf GTI No single part makes it special but the seamless way everything works together lets this simple camera deliver a surprising amount of performance and makes it a ton of fun to shoot with.

Canon P 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body Chrome At Keh Camera

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The Canon P is A Beautiful, Functional 35mm Rangefinder Worth

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