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Thailand Tsunami 2004. 2004 Thailand Tsunami 10 Years Later December 26 2004 Billions of people were waking up making coffee or in other parts of the globe preparing for a good night’s sleep On the coast of Thailand billions of tons of water crashed onto the shores An extremely powerful earthquake classified as a ‘megathrust’ caused an enormous Tsunami.

Before And After Pictures Of The Indian Ocean Tsunami
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The Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 killed at least 225000 people across a dozen countries with Indonesia Sri Lanka India Maldives and Thailand sustaining massive damage Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 tsunami that hit the coasts of several countries of South and Southeast Asia in December 2004 The tsunami and its aftermath were responsible for.

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When all was said and done the 2004 tsunami was the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded and it left the coastlines of 14 Indian Ocean countries devastated It claimed nearly a quarter of a million lives as waves up to 30 meters high hit beaches around the Ocean basin The hardest hit countries were Indonesia Sri Lanka India and Thailand.

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What to do if a tsunami happens 1 Keep calm Even if there was an official tsunami alert in Thailand no one knows how strong the wave will reach the coast The likelihood of a repeat 2004 script is small In addition today Thailand has one of the most powerful systems in the world of early warning tsunami 2.

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The December 26 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was caused by an earthquake that is thoughtThe epicenter of the 90 magnitude quake was located in the Indian Ocean near the westThe violent movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates displaced an enormous amount ofThe tectonic plates in this area had been pushing against each other and building pressureThe rupture was more than 600 miles long displacing the seafloor by 10 yards horizontallyWithin hours of the earthquake killer waves radiating from the epicenter slammed into theA tsunami is a series of waves the first wave may not be the most dangerous A tsunamiDespite a lag of up to several hours between the earthquake and the impact of the tsunamiThe Indian Ocean tsunami traveled as far as 3000 miles to Africa and still arrived withMany people in Indonesia reported that they saw animals fleeing for high ground minutes.

Before And After Pictures Of The Indian Ocean Tsunami

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First glimpse of Tsunami File photo dated 26 December 2004 shows tourists caught by the first of six tsunami rolling towards Hat Rai Lay Beach near Krabi in southern Thailand following a 92Richter submarine earthquake off the coast of Indonesia’s Aceh province triggered an Indian Ocean tsunami that killed around 226000 people in Indonesia Sri Lanka India Thailand and.