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The Brain Man. Both of them have a part of their heads shaved While the girl’s head is shaved due to a brain surgery the dad shaved his head to support her His hair has been cut to look as if he has also got stitches on his head “The little baby had brain surgery and her dad did the same to his own hair! Made me cry” the photo is captioned Take a look.

The Brain Man 2013 Review
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The Brain Directed by Ed Hunt With Tom Bresnahan Cynthia Preston David Gale George Buza With the help of an alien organism a man brainwashes audiences through television a troubled high school student is determined to stop them.

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The Brain Man Directed by Tomoyuki Takimoto With Fumi Nikaidô Shôta Sometani Yôsuke Eguchi Renji Ishibashi A nottoobright cop searches for a serial bomber.

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Daniel T is a “super brain” He can calculate numbers to hundreds of decimal points in seconds and learn new languages in a week Through a series of real w.

'Dad of the Year': Man shaves head to replicate his baby

(Review previously on IMDb) The Brain Man is one of those movies that are based on novels or manga that is as I noticed the trend now in Japanese flicks There have been lesser Japanese horror films being released that the country is commonly known for but instead more thrillers are being made (reminds me of a lot of great South Korean thrillers).

The Brain Man 2013 Review

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Surgeons in University of Alabama at US perform a surgery wherein engineered pig’s kidney was transplanted into a 57yearold brain dead man by surgeonsThe kidneys began to produce urine.