What Is Formation Damage

What Is Formation Damage. Formation damage in the reservoir was reduced using the constant bottomhole pressure (CBHP) variant of MPD to enable drilling with a statically underbalanced freshwater fluid system When severe circulation losses were encountered freshwater drilling fluid was sacrificed to the formation in a simple transition to pressurized mudcap drilling.

Formation Damage
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Soot sometimes called lampblack or carbon black is a fine black or brown powder that can be slightly sticky and is a product of incomplete combustionA major component of soot is black carbon (see below) Since soot is sticky it tends to stick to exhaust pipes and chimneys where the combustion occurs In pollution terms soot is the common term for a type of particle pollution.


Reticular formation damage may be the result of brainstem trauma the aging process tumors and inflammation or infection As the columns of specific nerve cells that run through the brainstem are so diffuse the effects of minor lesions are not always predictable.

What is Formation damage?

Ductile and unstable formations (eg unconsolidated sands) are difficult to produce under the best conditions Production from these wells is easily damaged by changes in flowing conditions Initiation of flow from “soft” or ductile formations is best achieved by controlled drawdown and flow that is as steady as possible.

Mechanisms of Formation Damage and Permeability Impairment

Formation damage is a condition most commonly caused by wellbore fluids used during drilling completion and workover operations It impairs the permeability of reservoir rocks thereby reducing the natural productivity of reservoirs Formation damage can adversely affect both drilling operations and production which directly impacts economic viability.

Formation Damage

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Damage is anything that obstructs the normal flow of fluids into the well and then to the surface It may appear in the formations p erforations lift system tu bulars or as restrictions along.